How I stay Inspired

Hey anemonyys
When it comes to my life, I know it is not perfect, I'm not in a flawless world where everything I want comes true. Luckily some days are great, and I feel satisfied and happy; But sometimes I just close myself in my house watching some sad romance films and listening to depressive songs. In those days I just try to find the light following my passions. And I start searching for some inspiration because if your mind is inspired, all you're going to do will be inspired.
Here are 5 of the things that I like to do to keep me inspired:

#1 Search for Some New Good Music
Once a months, or when I just need to (for example before a trip, or in those dark days) I surf on the internet searching for some new good music. My favorite platforms are 8tracks and Spotify. 
When I'm on my 8tracks I usually scroll my feed and I always find a good playlist that will send me just the good vibe that I need. I usually go for the chill upbeat music, some indie and electronics. When I find my one and only, it is time to turn on my speakers and dance for hours.

#2 Feel Healty
"It's all about that bass", right? So I start workout, doing my daily meditation, yoga and pilates (soon a workout routine). Than I drink about three bottle of fresh water and I eat some yummy snacks that I usually find on Pinterest. And at the end of the day, even if i'm not that happy or satisfied, I look in the mirror and I say to myself "You're beautiful!", just as a reminder that whatever I do and wherever I go, no metter what, I'm beautiful being as I am.

#3 Take Pictures
When i'm kind of bored, I feel like taking picture of my world helps me to reconnect to life. Staying at home or going out, I start walk around to find something to capture. Also Instagram is my favorite social media, where I post everything I capture.

#4 Paint
One of my favorite thing to do is to paint. I love painting, my first love was Monet and his marvelous art. I usually paint during the sunset, because I love the light the comes in while i'm sitting in front of my empty canvas. I just draw whatever is in  my mind, and then repeate with another subject. My room is full of old painting, some are good, but others are just sketches that I don't want to trow away.

#5 Check my Favorites Blogs
Here is a short list of my favorites blogtaht I like to visit searching for some inspirations:

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