5 Objects That Represent Me

If you want to know me just a little bit more, then you have to meet these guys. These are 5 things that followed me through my whole life and that, at the end, contain my soul .

A Polaroid of my Mum
 When I was youger I lived in a different house from the one where I live now. We moved here when I was really little. I can't remeber the moment when this picture was taken, but my dad told me the story. My mum was trying to imitate me, at age one  in my lovely box. And I was actually imitating a lion on a book I was "reading".
Beside the fun story behind it, this is my favourite picture of my mum, who is my best friend and the most important person in my life, with my dad and my sister obviously. She's my inspiration in everything  I came across.

"Past Marters" by The Beatles

This CD is an important piece of my life for two reason. My dad is a musician, and since i was really little he raised me with the music. I have to thank him for almost every album, artist or song that i know. We have a common passion for The Beatles and this was the first CD he gave me when i was seven. It represent the strong connection we have.
The other reason is connected with my best friend. We know each other since we were just 7 months old. She's my person. And we again share the same passion for The Beatles.

"IT" by Alexa Chung

This is a new entry, I bought it two years ago and now i'm becoming aware of its importance. I know it could sound stupid, but i think it contain a lot of element that I frequently find in my life as insiration or ideas. She's such an icon, and I think that her mindset reflects mine. As I love taking picture I also love all of the wonderful photos inside this book, and all the fashion/music/art icons she added in it.

My first book on Impressionism and my first paint brush

I love art. My parents raised me constantly surrounded by all forms of art and when I saw my firt Monet, when i was six, I fell in love. So my mum bought this Impressionism book and I still remember all the afternoons spent reading it and looking at the figures. Then I started draw, and the firt thing i "drew" was the "Water Lilies and the Japanese bridge" paint by Monet. It was pretty horrible because i was nine, but then my dad bought me my firt paint brush and and since then I haven't done nothing but paint.

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